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Welcome to the field trip and party sign ups.

To sign up to volunteer, you will need to click on Edit, sign up and then click on save. 

Please sign up for only one field trip and one party.  If we don't have enough volunteers two weeks before an event, you can sign up for a second (or third, or fourth).  

If you sign up to be an alternative, you must be ready to jump in and help "at the drop of a hat!"

Thank you so much for volunteering.  



Field Trip to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum/Apple House-October 11


Volunteers to ride the bus:

1.  Heidi Van Goor (Sebastian)

2. Amy Perkins (Vivian)

Volunteers to carpool behind the bus

3. Derek Steele (Cosette)

4. Larry Burtis (Maxwell's Grandfather)

5.rose norman 


1. Anna Hernandez (Xavi)

2. Riley Powell (Shay)


Fall Party (afternoon10/27)


1. Dominic Allocco (Andy)

2. Maria Loucks (Bella)

3. Michelle DeMerit (Max)

4. Riley Powell (Shay)

5. Brent Rogers (Deacon)


Winter Party (afternoon 12/22)


1. Jill Larson (Berit)

2. Brooke Allocco (Andy)

3. Kristine Jessen (Mylana)

4. Emiko Miller (Maika)

5. Greg Hernandez (Xavi)



French Day at the Minnesota Zoo-Feb 6


Volunteers to ride the bus

1. Shane Stumm

2. Sarah Steele (Cosette)

Volunteers to carpool behind the bus

3. Brooke Allocco

4. Todd DeMerit (Max)

5. Yanping Chang (Ellen)


1.Heidi Van Goor


Friendship Party  (afternoon 2/16)


1. Jennifer Stumm (Emerson)

2. Brittany Pearson (Matthew)

3.rose norman (Elise)

4. Jamie Schillinger (Linus)

5.  Sengdara Grue (Collette)

6.  Ellin Westin (James)



Oliver Kelley Farm-April 13


Volunteers to ride the bus

1. Christopher Larson

2. Brittany Pearson

Volunteers to carpool behind the bus

3.Max's grandfather

4. Gabby's mom

5. Jame's dad

6. Tanya Rogers


1.  Heidi Van Goor


Old Cahill School May 7 (walking)


1. Jill Larson (Berit)

2.  Maria Loucks (Bella)

3.Kristine Jessen (Mylana)

4. Jon Gotte (Nate)

5. Anna Hernandez (Xavi)


Alex Von Tsurikov's mom





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